How to prepare for the master’s interview? See 3 tips

Step is as decisive as a quality project

Postgraduate entrance is given from three elements. They are: quality project, good Lattes curriculum and satisfactory performance in the master’s interview.

The moment to face the bank is decisive, because it is the opportunity to clarify any doubts that teachers have regarding the application. That is why one can not let down by nervousness.

Tips on how to face the master interview

Of course, it’s always easier to talk than to do. The expectation and pressure to get away with it all come out with unexpected reactions. Still, anyone who has passed through this stage of academic life knows that the interview takes no part of anyone. Check out some suggestions to face the challenge naturally.

Know your project (including limitations)

A well written work, with the appropriate references and formatting according to ABNT, will certainly instigate the curiosity of the evaluators. It will be up to them to ask more details about the development of the research. Some bankers have special interest in the most controversial points.

Prepare to defend your point of view. If a given author was used in the theoretical framework, it is necessary to know why that name is there and in what way that perspective contributes to the proposed discussion.

If a teacher misses a specific data or bibliography, explain, with sincerity, the reason for the absence. It’s better not to know anything to talk silly. In fact, open up to the possibilities: recognize that the project is incomplete and will be deepened as you advance the content of the classes.

Above all, keep calm. Think before you speak, but do not leave the person unanswered.

Do not lie

The interview of the master’s degree does not differ much from a selective process to work in a company. In such cases, lying to impress recruiters is never asensible strategy.

Reiterating: it is better to admit one’s limitations than to invent some nonsense and pay tribute. The bank needs to know if the candidate has the qualities expected by the graduate program. And they are not restricted to the foreign languages you speak or the professional experience you have gained in recent years.

Future expectations are equally important. Among them are the time available to take the classes and develop the research. Can employment hinder? Will the dedication be exclusive? Is purse a necessity? These doubts will likely appear at some point.

Maintain comfort

Any social situation requires proper behavior. In the case of evaluation, the rules are the teachers.

When you reach the room, greet all members of the bank. Take the floor only when you receive authorization, without interrupting or interrupting the other presents.

Respond to the mood of your interlocutors, too. If they stay too serious, better avoid joking and commenting on the weather. A friendly smile, however, is always welcome.

Lastly, do not forget to wear comfortable clothing. Shoe, jeans and shirt are an efficient combination. Nothing too tight or too heavy. With the nervousness, perspiration increases, so it is good to let the skin breathe.