10 Tips on how to define the theme of coursework

To set your theme, you need to take into account some important points. Here’s how to choose the topic for monograph (essay), see below:

  1. Affinity with the theme

This is one of the most important topics in a research, because as the subject will be present every day in the last year of college you need to be something you like and know about, thus making development very easy.

  1. Try to be very specific

The subject of CBT can not be so comprehensive. Ideally, it should be very specific, so that you can fully exploit it and leave no gaps in the study. Sit down with the counselor and seek to narrow down a certain subject.

Example 1:

Realism> Dom Casmurro’s book> Psychology of Literature> The approach of adultery in the work of Dom Casmurro.

Example 2:

Digital media> Web 3.0> Google> Semantic Web> Google search case study from the semantic web point of view.

  1. Consider the time

Producing a monograph is something that takes time in the student’s life. He must research theoretical references, read, make records and structure the work within ABNT norms. So consider the time to choose the best theme. The field of research must be accessible and consistent with the researcher’s available time.

  1. Relate to your area

Adapt the theme you want with your area, this will make your research rich in detail.

  1. Field research

Many of the students opt for a simple bibliographical research, that is, they do not need to go to the field to do the work. Raising data, however, counts at this time because you go beyond the theoretical framework and can establish relationships with the authors’ concepts. Before going to the field, try to know the method to perform a good research.

  1. Do a survey of topics

When there is still a lot of doubt about what to research, the student can pick up some subjects that interest him and make a small survey about each one, thus analyzing which leaves him more enthusiastic to research about.

  1. Choose a relevant topic

If you have an interest in continuing to do research and even pursue the academic field, you should look for a topic that is relevant, thus attracting looks to it.

  1. Think about the bibliography

In order for your monograph to have rich content, it is very important to select a quality bibliography. After thinking about a topic, look for books in your university library. Databases with scientific articles also provide a good framework for CBT.

  1. Prioritize the harmony between advisor and theme

When defining the theme of the work, seek a harmony with the profile of the advisor. For this, it is worth reading the curriculum Lattes of the chosen teacher and check which monographs have already been guided by him. When the teacher is a specialist in the area defined by the student, the greater the chances of him providing relevant information in the guidelines.

  1. Control ambition

Do not want to make CBT planning out of the reality, that is, that it is too broad or not executable. Talk to the counselor and make sure that the research on the chosen topic can be completed within the time frame stipulated by the educational institution. It is essential to be practical and objective when it comes to course completion work.

Themes monography administration

  • Business models: the influence of ISO certification and PNQ.
  • Administrative management for a gymnastics academy.
  • The quality of service as a factor of business growth.
  • The importance of leadership in conflict situations in organizations.
  • The influence of the manager in training leaders in the industry.

Themes monograph Accounting

  • The importance of demonstrating cash flow to companies.
  • The impact of payroll relief on a company.
  • Frontier between management accounting and financial accounting.
  • Intangible Assets – Accounting and Evaluation.

Bookkeeping – Need or Luxury?

Themes monograph Right

  • Regulatory agencies and their role in conflict resolution.
  • Is revocation of social rights possible?
  • The moral damage of the legal entity.
  • Domestic violence against women and the new law in defense of these rights.
  • Internet crime: law enforcement.
  • Themes monograph Pedagogy
  • The contribution of fairy tales in the pedagogical practice of the Educational Advisor.
  • The importance of playing for the child.
  • The importance of digital inclusion in schools.
  • The importance of awakening the habit of reading in the elementary school series.

Study on the efficiency or influence of continuing teacher education

Themes monograph Nursing

  • Atopic dermatitis and food allergy: nursing care practices.
  • The humanization in the nurse interaction and the patient / family.
  • Historical and legal aspects of nursing.
  • The performance of the nurse in patients submitted to mechanical ventilation.
  • Reflection on the professional situation of nurses.

Themes monograph Psychology

  • Community psychology: a conceptual approach.
  • Formation and disruption of affective bonds.
  • Positive psychology: a new approach to old issues.
  • Scheme therapy: a new cognitive approach.
  • The importance of psychological care in the face of illness and illness.

Now you know how to choose the theme for monograph. Practice the tips and rely on your guidance counselor to make the right decision. Good luck in completing coursework!