Coursework presentation slide ready: see the best models and tips

In search of presentation slide of CBT ready? Well be aware that, on the internet, you can find several models, which can be downloaded and adapted to the content of your course completion work. See tips on how to set up coursework presentation slides and check out examples to download.

The slides serve to aid the understanding of the work. They work as a support so that the student can present the main points of the CBT, without running the risk of getting lost amid so much information. Anyway, the assembly of a good presentation helps, and much, the task of public speaking.

Where to find slides ready for CBT?


The Slideshare platform brings together a variety of CBT presentation templates that can inspire you to craft your slides in a clear, objective and concise manner. Go to the site and search for the word “coursework”. Check the site for several presentation examples.


The Prezi site is very much used by students to create more dynamic presentations of works and projects. In addition to providing tools, the platform also brings together ready-made examples. Use the search bar to find the contents.


Make sure your university no longer has a ready-made slide template for CBT presentations. This happens with UEM, UFRR, UFRB, UTFPR, among other institutions.

Schematic to make the coursework slides

The essential topics of the coursework slides are:

  • Presentation: 1 slide with work title, student name and supervisor’s name
  • Introduction: Book 1 to 2 slides to enter the subject of the survey.
  • Objective: place, on 1 slide, the reason for having done the research
  • Methodology: Book 1 to 3 slides to talk about how you did the research. Explain the outline and criteria.
  • Result: is one of the elements most valued by the bank, so it should be presented with 3 or 4 slides. Talk about what you found with the study.
  • Conclusions: What did you learn from CBT? Answer this question with 1 or 2 slides. Remember to take up the goals again.
  • There are also optional topics that are not required but that enrich the content of the presentation. These are: significance of the research (1 slide) and recommendations (1 slide).

Tips for mounting coursework presentation slide

Our website has selected some punctual tips that promise to help with slides. Check out:

1 – Simplicity is everything

Do not want to put all the job information written on the slides. The presentation should rely only on the key points of the survey, ie those that help bankers track their line of reasoning.

In addition to betting on very punctual content, it is also important to create simple slides. The screens should facilitate reading and understanding of what is considered essential at work.

2 – Be organized

Many students go wrong in presenting their course completion work because they make messy, hard-to-understand slides. Therefore, an important tip to present the research is to prioritize the organization of the content that will be exposed to the bank. Try creating an introductory slide and presenting the information in chronological order.

Try numbering the slides by placing the number at the bottom of each screen. This simple care helps you understand the order of content with a simple look.

3 – Use large fonts and short texts

When working with large font slides, all bank members will be able to keep track of the main points of the paper. The screens should also have short, objective and succinct texts. Remember that too large text makes the reading exhaustive.

After writing a short, large font text, be careful to format it with a line spacing of 1.5. This “breath” from one line to another makes reading easier.

When choosing the font that will be used in the content of the slides, give preference to a type without serif, as is the case of Helvetica, Arial or Calibri. A serif font (such as Times New Roman) makes it difficult to read from a distance.

4 – Beware of text layout

In many cases, the bottom of the slides is not visible to everyone in the presentation room. For this reason it is important to use only 2/3 of the space and leave the area below without information.

5 – Use charts, diagrams and flowcharts

Charts, diagrams, and flowcharts are components that help make the presentation of the work more dynamic and illustrative. However, when designing these graphic elements, you need to take some care. Choose thick lines, large, well-readable fonts. Use colors to exalt differences and make it easier for bankers to understand. Avoid leaving important data at the bottom of the slides.

6 – Use and abuse of topics

As previously stated, the presentation calls for short texts and abhors the loaded texts. One way to list the main points of the work is to use reference topics. These topics serve as a support for public speaking and help to not forget important information.

Slides should not contain flowing text. It is recommended to work with items rather than complete sentences.

7 – Focus on the essentials

There is information that is addressed in the written work that does not need to appear in the course completion work. The presentation time is short, ranging from 15 to 25 minutes, so focus on what really matters.

What the bankroll really wants to see is the development of CBT and the results, so do not waste time talking about the problem, goals and hypotheses.

8 – Reference authors

In both slides and speech, you should refer to the authors who were used to base the content of your work. Give the credits and burdens to the researchers consulted for coursework. In this way, it is easier to deal with possible questions from the bank.

9 – Use of figures, animations and effects

Do not add a picture to the presentation just because you find it “beautiful”. It should be relevant to the content as well as possible animations. Be careful not to overload the slides with many effects.

10 – Rehearse at home

Are not you in the habit of public speaking? So it is very important to rehearse at home with the presentation slides. Do this essay first alone and then in front of other people. Remember to time timing.

When rehearsing at home, try to be positive, firm, and motivated. Look at the audience and speak slowly, without falling into the trap of nervousness. Point to the slides with the help of a laser pen and get ready to answer the questions from the bench.

During CBT presentation, avoid: hand in pocket, crossed arms, paper in hand, and very relaxed positions. When talking about work, try to breathe between phrases, beware of difficult words, avoid slang and just stop the presentation if it is requested.

11 – Back up your slides

It is very important to backup your slides so you do not lose the content. Store the material in a cloud, on the pen drive, or on the external HD. There is also the possibility to transform the file into PDF and send it by email.

Do not copy a ready presentation slide. Observe the structure of the presentation and try to adapt the content of your work to it.

4 How to choose the theme of the monograph?

Are you in senior year of college and have not yet chosen the subject of CBT? Here are some tips!

Discover how to choose the monograph subject (CBT), a decision that brings conflict in the student’s life, but can not escape it. The course completion work is the last step of the graduation and the first step to start the monograph is the definition of the topic.

It may seem complicated at first because it is something that has to think a lot to facilitate the research, which often does not happen. The research must be related to the area of ​​your course, thus making the student have to seek knowledge of reliable bibliographies to be able to develop their subject. Some tips will help the student find the right topic for their research.